Welcome to Living Waters Freedom Initiative

What Is LWFI?

LWFI is devoted to building genuine communities for veterans and their families through peer-to-peer  interactions.

The heart of the LWFI is found not in a place but in a way of living that empowers people to change.  The broken foundations of our fast-paced and fragmented society have left many people lost and alone often struggling with the darkness of their minds in isolation.  It is our belief that we were not created to be alone — either physically or emotionally. We simply journey along beside the hurting and allow them to process their life.  Through pastoral counseling, peer support, and community we look to God for strength and walk together toward freedom.

Veterans Across America

Join us as we embark on a mission to help veterans across America. This year LWFI will be traveling from coast-to-coast goal of spreading the word and growing the community. In preparation for this we will be hosting a number of events and opportunities for everyone to get involved.


LWFI Inc. started out as providing a farm for gathering and building community.  Then before we were off the ground as a new organization the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  Gatherings and community were not easy to do during the pandemic.  We realized that we needed to redefine our program and not have the main focus be as a farm or a specific place. Our main focus needed to be on building relationship, connection, community and peer-to-peer support to veterans and their families.   You can do that anywhere.  We got ourselves centered again and our program does not offer a “place” it offers connection to other veterans for support.  The core of our program is the weekly peer-to-peer support group meetings.  We find as an outgrowth of the peer-to-peer groups we are able to have access to many different activities; fishing trips, hunting, retreat at a cabin in the mountains and other activities that offer opportunities to deepen our sense of meaning, connection and belonging.  We try to build a bridge for veterans and their families to peace and freedom.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to cultivate leaders to champion the initiative for healthy veteran connections within their local communities”

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