Board of Directors

Jay Roderick


Non-Profit Executive & Board Member leading a "boots-on-the-ground" Veteran Charity aiming to accomplish three things: Vets to Health (mentally & physically); Vets to Home (attack the homeless issue head on, in the field); Vets to Work (help find Vets the best job possible, get them civilian mission ready).

Steven Wheelbarger


Steven Wheelbarger named Chief Operating Officer (COO). Steve is a Marine who retired after 23 years of Honorable Service and has served in leadership roles within other Veteran Organizations before joining LWFI. It's our pleasure to welcome Steve to the mission! Semper Fi!

Travis Coyle

Founder and Chairman

Travis understands firsthand what it's like to feel isolated; he attempted to take his own life and by the grace of God, he was spared. His last mission has become to help as many Veterans as possible; in any way possible! He knows that "like minded community" is a great start!